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DEMand RESULTS supports individuals and organisations in Leicestershire, East Midlands, West Midlands and Nationwide we:

  • Provide a cost effective Human Resource service, supporting businesses with the provision of HR advice and guidance
  • Deliver pragmatic and commercially sound HR solutions for people management issues
  • Save organisations money whilst at the same time ensuring compliance with Employment Law and ACAS Code of Practice
  • Design and deliver HR training and development programmes to develop management knowledge and skills and to grow leadership capability
  • Provide independent mediation to effectively resolve work place disputes and grievances

Customer Testimonials

  • A recent decision from the European Court of Justice has determined that basically yes they can.  The ruling stated that if sickness stops an individual being able to take annual leave then they must be able to use the annual leave at a later date.  This in essence means they should not lose it and cannot be forced to take annual leave when they are in fact sick.

    This is a timely and important clarification and should act as a prompt for all Employers to check that their policies accurately reflect rights and procedures to follow relating to Annual Leave and Sick Leave. 

    Contact us at  if you would like to discuss what this means in reality or if you need help with updating current policies.