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A constant factor for successful organisations is the need to change; this change may be based around growth or a need to downsize.  Many organisations find that when faced with the need to change they do not have the right level of knowledge or experience in the management team or in HR to be able to manage the change smoothly and effectively.
Did you know that when individuals believe that there are going to be changes in the work place there are two main responses?

  • Flight or fight - Those employees who are good and know that they have something to offer, start looking for a new job.  It has been statistically proven that, if change is not managed properly, organisations lose the people they most wanted to keep and keep the people they most wanted to lose

  • Fact or fiction - Individuals spend time discussing the change, building the rumour mill and fuelling the fires of discontent. Absence levels rise and productivity levels dip.

DEMand RESULTS can help with both the practical and management elements of managing a change. 

This might be;

  • advising and supporting managers with redundancy procedures.

  • advising and supporting with TUPE issues

  • coaching and developing managers to  effectively manage the change.

  • development of retention schemes

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