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As an employer you are legally required to have disciplinary and grievance procedures in place that form part of your employees contract of employment. These procedures must comply with the statutory disciplinary and grievance procedures and so need to comply withemployment law.

Today there are more and more people who are aware of their rights and are willing to action them.  In the work place we often find that managers have to deal with issues that they are inexperienced in. This can result in one of two responses

  •  ignore it in the hope that it will go away
  •  tackle it in an inappropriate way.

Both of these responses are potentially expensive for an organisation.

Two facts to be aware of;

  1. Issues that are ignored do not go away,  they fester and grow
  2. No job description states that the manager has to know all of the answers

DEMand RESULTS offers an impartial and independent service offering practical, simple and pragmatic solutions to dispute resolution.  We support with:

  • investigations, grievances, disciplinaries, appeals
  • developing exit strategies and negotiating compromise agreements with ACAS. 

Experience has shown that it is often better to call in an independent expert who has an open mind and impartial. This is especially true when those involved are very senior, or the issue is a sensitive one like discrimination or harassment. Using an independent expert means that your managers can concentrate on what they do best, delivering and managing the business to make it successful, rather than being side-tracked by time intensive investigations in to HR and personnel issues.

In addition we offer an independent and professional mediation service, with our mediators being accredited by ACAS and the Law Society. This mediation service can be used in tandem with our independent support with grievances, investigations and disciplinary  

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