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Today there are more and more people aware of their employment rights and are willing to action them. In the work place we often find that managers have to deal with issues that they are inexperienced in. This often results in one of two responses - ignore it in the hope that it will go away or tackle it in an inappropriate way.

Both of these responses are potentially expensive for an organisation.

Three facts to be aware of;

1. Issues that are ignored do not go away, they fester and grow

2. No job description states that the manager has to know all of the answers

3. Impartiality is key to dispute resolution

Workplace grievances can have a hugely disruptive impact on your business, and the more people who are involved, the greater the impact will generally be. Workplace mediation :

  • is recommended in the ACAS code of practice for dealing with workplace disputes
  • has been proven to be an effective means of resolving grievances
  • resolves absence or poor performance issues that arise because of a grievance.

Workplace Mediation can be an extremely cost effective and an invaluable solution to solve workplace grievances where there has not been a breach of employment law.

At DEMand RESULTS we offer an impartial and independent all round HR service offering practical and pragmatic solutions to dispute resolution in Leicestershire and the Midlands. We support with:

  • mediation
  • investigations, grievances,disciplinaries & appeals
  • developing exit strategies and negotiating compromise agreements. 

Our independent and professional mediators are accredited by ACAS and the Law Society.

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