Additional Paternity Leave

For instance can the father/partner only take the balance of the mother's 52 weeks maternity leave?  When additional paternity leave (APL) was introduced it seemed to put an emphasis on the sharing of the maternity leave entitlement. However, in actual fact, the fathers partners entitlement is in reality a stand-alone right, where they are entitled to between two and 26 weeks leave.

This leave can be taken at any time between 20 weeks and 12 months after the baby is born and it is only indirectly related to how much maternity leave the mother may have taken. This means that if the mother started her leave 11 weeks before the baby is born, and she takes her full 52-week entitlement before returning to work, there would still be at least 11 weeks before the baby's first birthday where the father/partner could take APL.

A key fact to beware of is that according to the regulations, for the father to be entitled to APL the mother doesn't have to have any maternity leave left to take when she returns to work.

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