Social Media in the Work Place


Having just completed an appeal against a dismissal for inappropriate use of Social Media and finding in favour of the Employee not the Employer, I thought that it might be prudent to help other Employers by sharing 5 top tips about how to effectively manage the use of Social Media in your business.

1. Have a Social Media policy and ensure that it covers use of social media for both work and personal use.
2. Disciplinary Policies should reflect how seriously you will view posting messages or making comments on social media that could reflect badly on the Company.
3. Communicate to your team about what is deemed to be appropriate and inappropriate use of Social Media and what the consequences will be if they do not comply with your Policies.
4. Employer’s posts and compliance with Policy is just as important, remember this is a public forum and once something has been posted it is out there for the World to see.
5. If using Social Media Forums to get support or advice on how to deal with an employment issue either:
• make it an unspecific and general request for advice OR
• make it a private post for a request for advice OR
• Don’t do it and contact a HR professional directly

Employing people feel like a mine field? Need HR help? Wish you had the confidence to change things?