From 1st October 2011 the following new rates will apply:
£6.08 for those aged 21 and over;
£4.98 for 18 - 20 year olds;
£3.68 for 16-17 year olds; and
£2.60 for apprentices

Legislation changes to the default retirement age coming in to force in October this year mean that from 5 April 2011 it is no longer permissible for an employer to give notice of retirement

Working Time Directive

A review is currently under way of the rules laid out in this directive and the general consensus is that this review will strengthen employee protection.

These new regulations come in to force on 1st October 2011 and will require agency workers with 12 weeks service to be given parity with comparable employees in the employer's workplace

Whilst clarity is still required about some of the more complex employment legislative issues around the additional bank holiday, Employers should be thinking and planning now how to deal with issues that might arise because of it.  This additional bank holiday falls in the same week as Easter Monday bank holiday and also butts up to the May Bank Holiday weekend. 

The potential impact on businesses is likely to be two-fold in terms of managing agreed absence over the protracted Bank Holiday period, and in dealing with unauthorised absence of those employees who want to watch the wedding or want to have an extended break for Easter but may be required to work. 

Following the introduction of recent legislation about bribery and corruption it is important that employers and employees understand their responsibilities.  Those business that are based in the finance industry will be very aware of this legislation, however it is important to understand that ALL businesses should ensure that they are compliant.

The Governemnt have announced today that they will be going ahead in April this year with their plans to introduce extended entitlement to paternity leave.

These changes will broaden the scope on who will be entitled to leave and will have wider implications on how businesses plan for and manage requests from employees. The press release about this annoucment is here http://ow.ly/3F83H

For any organisation that is recruiting or considering recruiting new employees it is vital that you are aware of your obligations in relation to the Immigration Act. Failure to establish that an individual is enititled to work in the UK could see you faced with a substantial fine.

Rules and rates for National minimum wage changed on 1st October

The main changes to the rules are:

  • That the principle rate now becomes payable to 21 year olds
  • Changes to the amount that can be taken into account when accommodation is provided to employees
  • A new reduced minimum wage specifically for apprentices.

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