A Ramsey, Director - Metals Direct UK.com - Leicester

I came across Denise of DEMand RESULTS when I needed help with an Employment Tribunal claim. I chose to work with her as I liked her forthright and no nonsense approach and her comments and advice made good sense.

Since that initial meeting I have been a fairly difficult client for her to work with , giving her minimal support and input and making her job less easy than it might have been. In spite of this, she maintained a consistent and professional approach and brought our tribunal issue to a satisfactory conclusion, saving the business considerable time and money.

During the process, Denise’s gentle persistence and persuasive common sense gradually made me perform a full U turn from an HR sceptic to a complete convert to the benefits of having proper HR support. As a result I have decided to  engage Denise and DEMand RESULTS on a retained service basis to provide us with ongoing support and guidance.

The peace of mind and confidence this brings in dealing with employees related issues and the ability to discuss these with Denise and get qualified and competent advice makes this commitment very worthwhile. I will be placing further work with Demand Results ongoing and have no hesitation in recommending them as a valuable and effective service provider.

Employing people feel like a mine field? Need HR help? Wish you had the confidence to change things?